We started Hokus as a production company/content studio in Istanbul. Hokus co-founder and producer EyĆ¼p has over 20 years of film production experience. He knows how to get things done fast in the best quality possible. The other Hokus co-founder and film director Ferit is well known in the industry being the ''wiz kid'' with never ending energy (also crazyness) and 10 years of directing experience. He shot commercials for almost every major brand there is and won numerous awards including the best director of the year award in Crystal Apple Ad Festival for #Fenerol campaign in 2019.

This diverse duo has the aim to create high end commercial films but also create a brand for widely any image storytelling type from screen printing t-shirts! to creating free commercials for awareness purposes. We are here to realize our ideas we've been holding back for a long time and will not stop until we are are satisfied (which we probably won't)

Hokus is a community and a house before everything, we want to share the experience and also learn from the younger generation and take it very seriously to be fresh and ready for new adventures.

Smoke and mirrors, FUN!